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Ohio’s Only Public School Exclusively Serving Gifted Children

Seeking an opportunity to lead Ohio’s highest rated elementary school to its next level? Read On!

Menlo Park Academy (MPA) is seeking a transformational leader to guide the school through the next phase of its evolution and beyond. MPA is the only K-9 public community school in Ohio dedicated to the education of gifted children. Its story began nine years ago when a group of dedicated parents started the school with just 38 students. Today over 400 children are thriving members of the MPA community. Built on the philosophy that gifted learners need support in all aspects of their development, Menlo Park Academy’s practices not only provide opportunities for acceleration, differentiation, and advanced curriculum, but also support each child’s social and emotional development. MPA has consistently distinguished itself as one of Ohio’s highest performing schools.

Our next school leader will use the MPA philosophy to help launch the school to notoriety in 21st century educational practices. This summer the school is moving to a new home, a 20 million dollar flexible-space learning environment, which is the perfect platform for innovation and engaged learning. Centrally located in the Stockyard area of Cleveland, the school serves students from over 50 school districts throughout the greater Cleveland area. As a partner with CMSD, MPA is committed to increased outreach to Cleveland students. It will, also, be poised to play a significant role in the revitalization of the local community, engage with community initiatives, and create enrichment and educational opportunities for neighborhood residents, particularly children.

Dispositions and Responsibilities:

The Menlo Park Academy School Leader:

Fearlessly Embraces Challenges

Leads all transition activities including hiring and mentoring teachers, structuring the school schedule, managing school activities and events, implementing services with consultants, guiding the achievement of increased enrollment goals, communicating with school and neighborhood communities, and staying abreast of compliance and assessment requirements.

Relentlessly Commits to Excellence

Uses scholarly and academic literature to inform practice, sets high performance standards for self, staff and students, and uses reflection to advance practice. Steadfastly Dedicated to Open and Ongoing Communication Uses effective, varied, appropriate and timely stakeholder communication to develop trusting relationships and a collaborative school culture. Articulates board and school policies in order to explain the basis for school requirements and procedures.

Audaciously Enthused by Innovation

Works with teachers to research, select and implement cutting edge teaching and learning strategies to foster innovation, assess efficacy of those methods for flexible space learning environments, and refine successful methods for future practice. Brazenly Excited about Teaching and Learning Models an excitement and understanding of appropriate pedagogy for gifted learners in order to study, select and implement best practice methods to enhance instruction and reinforce best practice.

Unapologetically Commits to Advancing Diversity

Leads initiatives to increase diversity within the staff and student body; ensures that all MPA graphic and print materials honor diversity and that diversity is reflected in curriculum materials/content and considered in all aspects of school events and activities. Astutely Uses Principles of Organizational Management and Leadership Understands principles of effective leadership, organizational functioning and best practices; uses that information to plan strategically to advance the school and its mission, and models and demonstrates impeccable ethical behavior at all times.

Intensely Optimistic about Creating School Success and Advancement

Conveys an image of positivity and enthusiasm about the school, its mission, and its stakeholders. Creates an engaged and positive school culture. Takes ownership for school operations and initiatives and is efficacious about their implementation and completion.

Recognizably Skilled at Curricular Design and Implementation

Is a catalyst for the design and implementation of innovative curriculum, holding true to the expectations of MPA, the characteristics of gifted learners, the mandate for engaged learning, and the integrity of discipline-based content.

Consistently Flexible in Thought and Leadership

Demonstrates intellectual agility and creative thought in all aspects of professional work. Takes an experimental but thoughtful approach to all tasks and challenges while maintaining and exemplifying best practice.


 Master’s Degree in Education or Administration required, specialist or doctoral degree preferred

 At least 5 years of teaching experience with documented use of best practice pedagogy

 Successful administrative or program leadership experience, building leadership preferred

 Demonstrated visionary thinking in leadership

 Validated ability to work and lead collaborative efforts

 Demonstrated ability to build trust and relationships with various stakeholder groups

 Demonstrated skills and interest in networking as well as participation in the professional community

 Demonstrated ability to manage and use data to inform program and educational decisions

 Demonstrated understanding and adherence to ethical principles of leadership

Additional Requirements before Hiring:

 Provide BCI and FBI background checks that meet the requirements of working with children.

 Submit to and pass a drug test.

 Provide evidence of an insured vehicle and a driver’s license for transportation to local daytime and evening meetings for school business.

 Transcripts from post-secondary education institutions


Commensurate with experience with full benefit package including STRS (state teacher’s retirement system), health and dental insurance, disability insurance, and PTO days.


Please email a cover letter or link to a video outlining your required experience and your interest in the position, statement of educational philosophy, your resume, salary requirements, availability and references to Search Committee at talent@menloparkacademy.com with the subject "School Leader".

Menlo Park Academy is an equal opportunity employer and actively invites a diversity of candidates regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religion.



Menlo Park Academy seeks qualified individuals to join our team.

If you are interested in being considered for any of the positions below, please submit a cover letter and resume to jobs@MenloParkAcademy.com with your certification (if applicable) or desired position in the subject line. Click on the available positions below for more detail.


Working at MPA

Are you an experienced teacher (at least 3 years) who is ready for a challenging teaching opportunity? 


 High performing public community school

Dedicated to the education of Gifted Students, Grades K to 9 

Designated as the best elementary school in Ohio in Sept. 2016 

Visionary teaching and learning in Northeast Ohio and beyond. 


Renovated Joseph & Feiss building off I-90 in Cleveland,  

80,000 square .feet, $20 million dollar flexible space learning environment


Opportunities for acceleration, differentiation and advanced curriculum   



Encouraged to be innovative in their approach to curriculum

  Supported in their efforts to use creative methods

 Validated in their use of engaging, higher level learning activities

We believe  


If you are a dedicated professional, ready for a challenge, and have a love of learning, then send us your resume. We are hiring for SY17/18



 2017-2018 School Year Job Openings

All Teaching Positions (We have expanded our enrollment!)

MPA is seeking certified teachers to work with gifted students in grades K-8, many of whom are learning several grade levels ahead.  Must have appropriate state certification/licensure.  Intervention Specialist-Gifted, Reading Endorsement, and three years previous teaching experience preferred. Interested candidates should submit their application materials to jobs@menloparkacademy.com with "Teacher (and grade levels)" in the subject line. 

Intervention Specialist

MPA is seeking a certified teacher to to work with gifted students in grades K-8. Must have appropriate state certification/licensure. Gifted, Reading Endorsement, and three years previous teaching experience preferred. Interested candidates should submit their application materials to jobs@menloparkacademy.com with "Intervention Specialist" in the subject line. 

Edison Club Staff

MPA is seeking before after care staff to work with gifted students in grades K-9. Staff position is 15 hours/week (3-6pm, Mon-Fri).  We are seeking dedicated team players who are excited to work with children who have asynchronous or uneven development who can be intense, sensitive and passionate. You must have excellent communication skills, a positive attitude, and demonstrated ability to take initiative. Interested candidates should submit their application materials to jobs@menloparkacademy.com with "Edison Club Staff" in the subject line.    

Long Term and Daily Substitute Teachers

MPA is seeking certified teachers and licensed substitute teachers to work with gifted students in grades K-9, many of whom are learning several grade levels ahead.  Must have appropriate state license. Interested candidates should submit their application materials to jobs@menloparkacademy.com with "Long Term and Daily Substitute Teacher" in the subject line.    

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