Because gifted children begin each year with strong knowledge in many areas and have the ability to grasp concepts at a faster pace, students in our school are able to take advantage of a wide array of enrichment options and experiences.

In addition to our standard curriculum, we are proud to offer the following classes:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Foreign Language
  • Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Electives covering a wide range of topics (see next tab for more information)
  • Enrichment activities


Each grading period our students have the opportunity to participate in a selection of elective options.  These are built into the schedule for each grade.  Sample electives include:

- Engineering
- Lego Robotics
- French, German, or Japanese Language
- Karate
- Geology
- Entrepreneurship
- Shakespeare for Kids
- Sign Language
- Public Speaking & Debate
- Mock Trial

These elective courses are taught by faculty members, consultants and/or skilled volunteers who are able to share their passion for learning with our students.

Field Trips & Activities

In an effort to provide an engaging and stimulating learning environment, faculty members plan several field trips, assemblies, and activities each year.  These events are tied directly to the curriculum and are often timely (i.e. President’s Assembly around President’s Day).  We are thrilled to be able to include these components in our program and know that they are a key to providing the students a deeper knowledge and understanding of topics learned.

Contests & Competitions

We invite our students to participate in a variety of contests and competitions.  Some are local, such as our own Science Fair and Young Authors Conference, some are regional, and some are national/international via the Internet.  Varying opportunities are available by grade level which allow our students to both flourish in an area that is their strength, as well as learn to deal with the disappointment of not winning every time in every area.  Our school environment provides a rare opportunity to compete with a group of cognitively similar peers. 

Student Clubs

Menlo Park Academy offers after-school clubs for students to participate in additional activities with their peers.  We utilize our faculty members as well as engage with local organizations to provide optional items of student interest such as chess club, boy & girl scouts, recreational sports, science club, and art classes.  These vary based on interest and availability.

MPA Wizards Basketball

In true MPA fashion, our basketball program was started when one of our parents, Coach Willie Littlejohn, brought the idea and his talents to us in the 2011-12 school year.  We are proud to offer a basketball program for both boys (2 teams) and girls this year.  Mr. Littlejohn coaches boys Varsity & Junior Varsity teams and Mrs. Theiss, MPA Math Teacher, coaches the girls' team.  

We are thrilled to be able to offer the opportunity for our students to work together in a team environment.  Go MPA Wizards!

Varsity Basketball Team
2013 Spring Season 

TOP ROW (left to right):  Nick H, Brian M, Coach Littlejohn, Zack P, Marshall M, Sam Z
BOTTOM ROW: Owen C, David M, Jaylon O, Hunter C, Sam P


2012-13 Junior Varsity Basketball Team

2012-13 JV Team

TOP ROW (left to right):  Jacob L, Miles M, John H, Coach Littejohn, Dylan C, Matt H, Alex G
BOTTOM ROW: Hunter C, Gino P, Charlie C, Talon B, Jack H, Joey C


2012-13 Girls' Basketball Team

2012-13 MPA Girl's Basketball Team

TOP ROW (left to right):  Coach Theiss, Olivia W, Taylor H, Asia G, Lily M
BOTTOM ROW:  Eliana M, Carolyn H, Natalie C, Zella B, Janna J
Not Pictured--Stephanie J






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