Menlo Park Academy is a school environment that provides an understanding of the unique qualities of gifted children and the frequently asynchronous development of their emotional, spiritual, physical, and academic abilities.  Viewing each learner as a whole is at the core of our educational model.

We know that gifted children learn best in an enriched environment designed to develop their skills as well as meet their different intellectual, social, and emotional needs.  True learning involves the development of the "whole child" and includes the support students need to develop high level critical and creative thinking skills.

At Menlo Park Academy, we provide gifted classrooms at all grade levels from Kindergarten to eighth grade. Our curriculum offers more density, complexity, and moves at a faster pace than is available in typical school environments.  We offer a core curriculum in the subject areas of math, language arts, science and social studies. Because gifted students require less repetition to learn material, our curriculum moves at a faster pace than those of traditional schools, and our teachers are able to spend time to cover core subjects with more depth and complexity.

We then go beyond by offering courses in technology, art, music, foreign languages, and health/physical education at all grade levels. Our enrichment offerings also include student-selected elective options that vary by grade level.  Additional lessons in character education, library time, social and emotional needs, student success skills, and the arts are woven throughout the coursework and enriched with field trips, assemblies, contests, and after-school clubs.

Each student at Menlo Park Academy receives an individualized learning plan, called a Written Education Plan, so they can work at an appropriate pace and accelerate in areas where they have strong interests and abilities.  They receive support from faculty members who understand their unique needs.

Our gifted students are able to learn and grow with their peers and feel a sense of belonging that may not be found in traditional classrooms, where they feel different and may attempt to fit in academically by “dumbing down” their classroom performance.  Here, they can be truly challenged to work towards achieving their full potential while forming friendships with a diverse group of academically-oriented learners with advanced abilities.


Menlo Park Academy is a school environment where parents and teachers partner together to reach milestones in both instruction and experiences through in-school activities and outside events. Instruction doesn’t just occur in the classroom through textbooks, but through stimulating experiences, in-depth projects, and outside trips.  We provide a truly hands-on learning program that encourages deep exploration into topics of interest for our gifted learners.

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