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To enroll your child in our Kindergarten program, we recommend they be tested in the Fall in order to have the test results available during our open enrollment period in December.

Testing in You Home District
If your child is currently enrolled in your local public district, you can request that he or she be tested for gifted identification at their school.  

Testing at MPA
Menlo Park Academy is offering testing for interested families through our school. Families can register with the school and they will be contacted to schedule a testing time. Learn more and Register Here.

Private Testing
You can also pursue private testing through a psychologist's office.  The following psychologists will administer tests listed on the Chart of Approved Assessment Instruments for Gifted Screening and Identification from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).  They offer discounted rates (normal test fees average $300) if you mention you are considering enrolling your child at Menlo Park Academy:

Dr. Sylvia Rimm & Associates, Family Achievement Clinic


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