Is my Child Gifted?

If you have a feeling that your child is gifted, chances are your instincts are correct.  Learn the early signs of giftedness and what you can do to support your child.

Many parents of gifted preschoolers have a feeling that something is different about their child.  Either they teach themselves to read at an early age, their analytical thought process is surprising or their recollection of events and details is astounding.

Learn about the Early Signs of Giftedness.  You can also find a wealth of rescources and learn how to support and advocate for your child at the Ohio Association for Gifted Children.
If you are considering enrolling your child in our Kindergarten program, we recommend they are tested in the Spring when most school systems are performing Kindergarten assessments.  Visit our ADMISSIONS section for more information on qualifications, process and testing information.  Many gifted preschoolers perform the best on tests that are administered by psychologists, so your local school district is sometimes the best option.

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