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Browns Concession Stand

MPA is proud to operate one of the best concessions stands at First Energy Stadium every home game of the Browns season!



How it works - Menlo Park Academy earns funds based on our on sales in the stand, so the more we sell, the more we earn!  Last year we earned over $15,000 for MPA!!  


Training - MPA has a core group of volunteers that have been trained and can train others! If you have not yet participated, please don't let that stop you from coming and being a part of helping the school and having a great time with other wonderful MPA parents.

Returning volunteers throughout the season - Should bring their Stadium ID to gain access to the training session if they still have it.  There is parking available on the street in front of the Grille.  Keep in mind, meters are active until 6pm.  You can also park right across the street at the Port Authority parking lot for free.   

Our Stand - We have Stand #148.  It is a great location with a lot of potential.  If we don't get enough people signed up to work a game, they will assign people to our stand and charge us so it takes away from our profits.

Game Day - Our leader will arrive at the stadium for the leader's meeting 4.5 hours before game time.  Half of our volunteers need to arrive 4 hours before game time and the other half need to arrive 2 hours before game time.  Just check in at the gate where the tram drops you off and proceed directly to our stand (#148).  Gates open (and so does our stand) two hours before game time.  

Parking - You can park in the Dock 20 off of West 9th Street for $4.00 and take the tram to the stadium.  Click here for details on where to park on game day.  You need to wear black pants, and a shirt & hat are provided for your use when you arrive at the stand.  

When are the games? - We will have the stand open for every Browns home game, including pre-season games in August.  There are sometimes other special events that we have the option to work.  

How to sign up - You can sign up for any of the Browns game days here by selecting the link below. Games are starting soon so please sign up today!

 1. Click this link and pick your days

   2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account) 

   3. Sign up! Choose your spots - YOu will be sent an automated confirmation and reminders. 

Questions? If you have questions or need help, just click here to send an Email to our team leader, Chris Harrison.

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MPA uses ParentSquare and Blackbaud to communicate with families.

Newsletters and Communication

Menlo Park Academy is committed to helping families stay connected to the important news, events, and activities of the school.

Every Thursday, an emailed newsletter is sent to families about the busy world of the school and students. As part of the weekly newsletters, teachers provide more detailed information about the focus of study areas, upcoming tests, and field trips. Please look for those updates in the newsletter under the "Academic Updates" section.

Archives of the Weekly Newsletter

MPA New Facility Blog

Board Beacon Newsletter Archive

The MPA MVP Volunteer Program is the overarching volunteer structure for the school where parents, family members, and interested community members work hand-in-hand with the school leadership to support MPAs gifted learners in any, and every, way possible.

MPA relies on the volunteerism of its community to thrive. Families are encouraged to provide 5 hours of volunteerism per family, per month and participate in any variety of the activities across the MVP committees below as determined by time, talent, and need.

Menlo Park Academy has a variety of standing volunteer committees that help the school, staff, and teachers meet the daily needs of our gifted learners.  Volunteers lead these committees, each typically having 2 to 3 committee chairs and numerous volunteer participants based on needs and interests. Parents, family members, and the community work hand-in-hand with the school leadership to help provide excellent student learning experiences (school day and extracurricular). Many committees will have opportunities for parents, family members, and the community, to work both within the school environment and from home, depending on the availability of the volunteer and the needs of the specific committee or program.

Volunteer Program Support - The Volunteer Program Support committee helps coordinate, track, and communicate overall volunteer needs for the school.  This committee helps manage the volunteer web work and make personal connections with our volunteer base.

School Day Support - The School Day Support Committee helps coordinate, track, and communicate volunteer needs for the school during the school day and related to school day activities. Please find examples of the great works of the School Day Support below: 

  1. Car line & Lunch Duties
  2. Facilitate daily school day volunteer schedules at the school
    1. Work with Curriculum Director to ascertain what is needed in classrooms on a daily basis from volunteers.
  3. Intermittent School Wide Activities
    1. Book Fair
    2. Health Screening
    3. Picture Days
    4. Support for Winter/Spring Concert preparation
  4. Room Parents
    1. Liaison with teachers/parents
    2. Communicate needs for teacher support and classroom activities
  5. The list is endless and will continually grow and evolve based on the needs of MPA at any given time.

Community Engagement Committee - The Community Engagement Committee team provides community engagement activities throughout the year and helps the community with hospitality needs during the school year and across school functions. Please find examples of the great works of the Community Engagement Committee below:

  1. Welcome Committee
  2. Coordination and support for hospitality needs at all school events
    1. Community Fall Event
    2. Staff Holiday Appreciation
    3. Winter & Spring Concert Dinners, as needed
    4. 8th Grade graduation gifts
    5. Partnership with Cleveland Food Bank for food drive with Browns
    6. Field Day
    7. Teacher Appreciation week
  3. Family Friendly Events Outside of School
    1. Back To School Picnic
    2. Night with the Lake Erie Monsters
    3. Crushers Game
    4. Summer Meet Ups for Families
  4. The list is endless and will continually grow and evolve based on the needs of MPA at any given time.

Academic Enrichment - The Academic Enrichment committee along with assigned educators facilitates numerous programs and extracurricular opportunities for the students with a special focus on supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programming.  Please find examples of the great works of the Academic Enrichment Committee below:

  1. STEM activities; Astronaut Day, PI Night, You Be the Chemist
  2. Science Fair/Invention Convention
  3. Spelling Bee
  4. Power of the Pen
  5. Geography Bee
  6. The list is endless and will continually grow and evolve based on the needs of MPA at any given time.

Marketing/Communications - The Marketing/Communications team has wide ranging opportunities for parent participation. From hands-on design work to representing the school at activity fairs, parents play an important role in our marketing and engagement in the community. Please find examples of the great works of the Marketing/Communications Committee below:

  1. Weekly newsletter and school-wide communications
  2. Responsible for MPA Spirit wear design and approval for ALL events and groups
    1. Sports teams, Internal MPA events, External MPA events, etc
  3. Update current recruitment materials
    1. School profile & recruitment folders
    2. Giveaways
  4. Identify new material needs
  5. Website design/updates
  6. Write press releases
  7. Recruitment – in conjunction with the Community Engagement Volunteers
    1. Attend appropriate events and visit important education locations to increase awareness of MPA in Northeast Ohio
    2. Help host school tours/open houses
  8. The list is endless and will continually grow and evolve based on the needs of MPA at any given time.

Development/Fundraising - The Development/Fundraising Committee provides support for the development/fundraising needs of MPA, as defined by the Board of Directors. Please find examples of the great works of the Development/Fundraising Committee below:

  1. Assist with the upcoming Capital Campaign
  2. Support annual whole school fundraisers
    1. Browns Booth at the Stadium
    2. Annual Friends & Family Appeal
    3. Winter Concert
    4. Walk-A-Thon
    5. Spring Concert
  3. Support grant writing initiatives
  4. The list is endless and will continually grow and evolve based on the needs of MPA at any given time.

Information & Technology - The school continues to increase its technology footprint. The IT team is instrumental in helping the school plan, implement, and care for the growing tech demands. Please find examples of the great works of the Information & Technology Committee below:

  1. Data support
  2. IT Maintenance
  3. Implementation of new systems
  4. The list is endless and will continually grow and evolve based on the needs of MPA at any given time.

Finance/Legal - The Finance/Legal Committee provides daily support to the Business office and ongoing support to the MPA Board. Please find examples of the great works of the Finance/Legal Committee below:

  1. In the business office, finance-minded volunteers are needed to help with accounting and bookkeeping activities;
  2. The MPA Board needs legal-minded volunteers to
    1. Take minutes of Board meetings
    2. Assist the MPA Board Secretary with governance and policy issues
  3. The list is endless and will continually grow and evolve based on the needs of MPA at any given time.

Facilities - The Facilities Committee provides regular support to the Business Office, within the School Building.  Please find examples of the great works of the Facilities Committee below:

  1. Identifying and performing maintenance and smaller facilities issues around the building and in classrooms
  2. The list is endless and will continually grow and evolve based on the needs of MPA at any given time.

2015-2016 MVP Committee Team Leads & Contacts

Please feel free to find MVP Committee Team Leads in their committee groups in ParentSquare or send private message (PM) in ParentSquare if you want to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Our current volunteer Volunteer Coordinator is Melissa Vlasak. Staff Support for the MVP Program includes Beverley Veccia, Amber Oxley, and the administrative team.

Academic Enrichment/STEM:       
Co-Leads: Latha Srinivasan & Seeking Co-Lead; Electives-Kristina Johns

Community Building:                         
Lead: Jessica Tonsing

Lead: TBD; Winter Concert-Jennifer Sekorky

Lead: Seeking Lead

Lead: Nick Zambo

Lead: Seeking Lead

Lead: TBDNewsletter-Gretchen Woods; Yearbook-Kelly Fortune-Somerville; Website-Karen Peacock                                               

 School Day Support:                                                 

Co-Leads: Rikki Gard & Kristina Johns; Room Parents-Susan Zambo

Volunteer Support:                                                 
Lead: Melissa Vlasak


Counseling Appointments

For an appointment, please contact:

Mr. Jim
Dr. Christine
Dr. Sylvia Rimm (via Barb Gregory)
Dr. Susan




Mission and Philosophy

Menlo Park Academy is a public school that develops the potential of gifted learners through unique and rewarding experiences that nurture the whole child.


The Counseling Program

We Believe:

All students can achieve, when provided the developmentally appropriate supports. All students learn differently, and will receive services tailored to their individual needs. All students are guaranteed support encompassing the three domains—academic, personal/social, and career—as aligned with the ASCA National Model. All students will be held to high expectations to achieve academically, in accordance with the school’s mission statement. All students have a voice to impact change in their educational experience.

The Counseling Program Will:

Reach every student. Be comprehensive in scope, preventative in design, and developmental in nature. Be implemented by credentialed school counselors, who utilize data--‐driven and evidence--‐based practices to drive student success. Deliver and manage academic, personal/social, and career development services through guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support. Measure and monitor students’ progress through consistent evaluation of the attitudes, skills, and knowledge that affect student outcomes. Seek efficiency, effectiveness, and improvement through data analysis and evaluation. Be an integral part of the total educational system, fostered through collaborative relationships with all stakeholders.

School Counselors Will:

Ensure equal and equitable education for all students. Collect and analyze data to ensure the program is functioning ethically and in accordance with ASCA National Guidelines. Incorporate stakeholders in evaluating program effectiveness. Continue professional development through participation in professional organizations and trainings on the state and national levels.


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Use the links below to find detailed information on some of the events in which our students participate:


National Geography Bee

National History Day

Power of the Pen

Where Bright Minds Shine

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