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Why does Menlo Park Academy need YOUR support?

Unlike private schools, community schools cannot charge tuition. Community schools are public schools that receive their funding in the form of a base per-student payment, and must therefore operate on a substantially smaller budget than most public school districts, many times less than 50%!


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At Menlo Park Academy, we use a variety of strategies to offer our students an exceptional education within a small budget. Unlike many community schools, we do not contract day-to-day operations to a management company. Instead, the school relies on its employees, parent volunteers, and other professionals to execute its primary functions.One way we could stretch the budget is by increasing class size, but that is not in keeping with the experience we want to provide our students. Rather, we rely on strong partnerships with the community, fundraising, sound fiscal management and volunteerism. Menlo Park Academy receives approximately $6,000 per student of its funding from the state basic funding. A material fee of $500 per student pays for some consumable instructional materials and activities, such as software leases, workbooks, art materials, paper, instructional magazine subscriptions, local field trip admissions and transportation. A $75 technology fee helps with the cost of insurance and maintenance of the One to One iPad/Chromebook program. Together with special education funding from federal and state government, these income sources cover only about 65% of the actual operating costs of the school. Operating costs include salaries, benefits, curriculum materials & supplies, and building & utility costs.Above and beyond our standard expenses are the "desirables" that make MPA an important gifted resource in Northeast Ohio; such as professional services geared specifically toward gifted learners provided by Dr. Sylvia Rimm and her staff, expanded field trip and enrichment opportunities as well as expanded technology within the classrooms and throughout the school.

Whether you wish to be a corporate donor, volunteer your time, or financially support students then you’ve come to the right place! Please feel free to explore the tabs above to learn how you can support gifted learners.

Community Partners

Our school relies on support from our community partners. Corporate and organizational support for Menlo Park Academy is as varied as the organizations themselves. Whether it’s allowing our students to participate in micro-gravity experiments at NASA, providing judges for our science fair, awarding a grant for a specific project, matching gifts or donating goods and services to the school, there are numerous ways to make a difference.

Why Should you become a Community Partner?

  • To serve the educational needs of gifted children, which are often not met in a typical public school setting.  
  • To support an institution training the next generation of bright, curious, and inventive potential employees.  
  • To partner with a school whose curriculum aligns with their own outreach needs.

How do Community Partners Support Us?

  • Hands-on Experiences:  Students participate in micro-gravity experiments at NASA 
  • Industry Experts Field experts act as science fair judges
  • Project Funding:  Support an area of special interest
  • In-Kind Donations:  Products and services   
  • Matching Gifts:  Corporations support employee contributions to non-profit organizations by matching part or all of their employee contributions.

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Our thanks go out to our Community Partners:



We rely on the generosity of individuals, families, organizations and foundations to ensure our continued success in providing an exceptional education for gifted children. Fundraising broadens the school’s source of income beyond our own families, and it also enables some donors to realize tax advantages for themselves. The school is a 501(c)(3) organization, so donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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One key to Menlo Park Academy’s success over the years has been the generous donation of time and talent by our volunteers - parents, extended family members, and others who - dedicate their time and expertise to our school by providing clerical and accounting services, teaching electives for the students, chaperoning field trips, and doing many other tasks that would otherwise incur a cost to the school.  Our volunteers are an integral part of our community, and we request that each family donate a minimum of 5 volunteer hours each month.


Other Ways to Give to Menlo Park Academy

We rely on the generosity of individuals, families, organizations and foundations to ensure our continued success in providing an exceptional education for gifted children.  The school is a 501(c)(3) organization, so donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  You can support Menlo Park Academy in many ways:

Gifts of cash, through our Annual Friends & Family Appeal, are the fastest and easiest way to support MPA. The school enjoys the immediate benefit of your donation, and, of course, cash gifts provide a higher deduction on your taxable income than gifts of appreciated property.

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Appreciated Securities
Using appreciated securities to make your gift can deliver more tax benefits to you than using cash. 

Personal Property
Personal property includes items like artwork, books, furniture, and other such items. Menlo Park Academy can often use these items throughout the building.

Benefits include:

  • Gift recognition from the school, immediate tax deduction for the appraised value of the gift, and no capital gains tax provided the donation meets the IRS’ “related use” requirements.
  • Make a meaningful gift without adversely affecting your immediate cash flow.

Contact the Development Office to discuss dontion options. 

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