Student Dress Code/Uniform Policy

Students at Menlo Park Academy follow a uniform policy that promotes a professional and positive learning environment while providing students with ways to show their individual personality while remaining professionally dressed. Older students are also afforded additional attire options as they begin to experience more freedoms as well as responsibilities.

Core Standards for All Grades 

Core Colors = Brown, Tan, Khaki, Navy or Dark Blue, and Black (Solid Colors)

The following items are considered acceptable for students to wear to school:

Additional Items Allowed on Physical Education Days 

Black, navy blue or grey shorts, sweatpants, athletic pants, or loose cotton pants. Shorts must be no shorter than 3” above the knee.

Additional Items Allowed on Dress-Down Days

Regular dress down days will occur weekly. The School Director may announce additional themed dress down days that may allow for different attire options. 

Additional Items Allowed for Students in Grade 5 and Above:

Sweaters or sweatshirts with names of high schools or colleges

Sweaters or sweatshirts with names of places that student visited on school field trips

Hooded sweatshirts are permitted within the same parameters as regular sweatshirts but the hood cannot be worn up inside the school building.

Students may NOT wear the following at any time:

  1. Clothes with written or unwritten messages that demean other people, condone improper or disrespectful behavior, or that contain references to illegal or unethical activity
  2. No undergarments shall be visible.   See-through, sheer, see-through lace, fishnet fabrics (clothing with large holes), halter tops, tank tops, off the shoulder, low cut tops, bare midriffs, short skirts and shorts, and swimwear are prohibited. 
  3. Leggings or yoga pants unless worn under a uniform skirt, dress, or jumper.
  4. Excessive size sweat shirts or sweaters may not be worn to cover up leggings in place of a skirt, dress, or jumper.
  5. Clothing with holes or extensive wear.
  6. Hats, caps, and hoods are not to be worn during school hours.
  7. Open-toed shoes, flip-flops or beach sandals.
  8. Clothing that does not fit. Excessively tight or excessively loose tops or pants of any fabric.

Final decision as to acceptability of student attire rests with the school administration.



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