About Us

Our Mission

Menlo Park Academy is a public school that develops the potential of gifted children through an exemplary program of rewarding experiences that nurtures the whole child.

We focus on each of the following concepts individually:

Public School

We are a public community school with open enrollment and no tuition charges.

Gifted Children

Our school is designed for those students identified as intellectually gifted according to the rules of the state of Ohio.


We offer a curriculum as unique as our students with the appropriate pace, acceleration, and differentiation options to address the varied needs of our students.


We build our students’ self-confidence and enjoyment, so they maintain their love of learning.


We believe that true learning comes from experiences. Students dive deeply into topics via in-school activities and outside events.

Whole Child

We create a school environment that provides an understanding of the unique qualities of gifted children and the frequently asynchronous development of their emotional, physical, and academic abilities.

Our Philosophy

Gifted children are an at-risk group of learners. They need a dynamic environment customized to their individual needs. They deserve enriched experiences designed to develop their skills and their unique intellectual, social and emotional needs. 
Our innovative model offers more density and complexity, and moves at a faster pace than a typical school. Students are also afforded the opportunity to interact and build friendships with their intellectual peers.

Our Diversity Statement

Gifted isn’t better; it is different. At Menlo Park Academy, we focus on similarities of learning styles while honoring each unique voice. Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Menlo is more than a target to hit, it is a goal that we are always striving towards. To best help our students we must have diverse perspectives among our board, administration, faculty, staff, families, and children to generate the bright ideas needed to continue building a more equitable and inclusive Menlo Park Academy. Valuing our differences makes us better. Knowing we cannot achieve our mission to fully develop the potential of gifted children without seeing one another is a gift.

menlo enrollment diversity chart

Our Values

Integrity Driven

Our goals and decisions are courageous and bold, and always transparent, ethical and compassionate. We are committed to providing a unique and challenging environment for the gifted child where they may collaborate and learn with their intellectual peers.

Community Centered

We believe that a strong, collaborative partnership begins with trust, respect and commitment. Our communication within our most valued resource – a school community of parents, students, staff and supporters – is thoughtful, transparent and collaborative.

Student Focused

In everything we do, we strive to ignite sparks of interest and passion as well as excite a self-directed love of learning at an accelerated pace. We are committed to offering an exemplary, vibrant and unique program that will enable our intellectually exceptional children to identify and maximize their talents, while achieving academic, emotional and social success.


We balance, challenge and demand with support, encouragement and accountability.  We offer a nurturing learning environment where each student grows in confidence while experimenting, thinking independently and learning to work cooperatively in a global society. Students and staff are motivated to take initiative and use critical thinking skills to creatively solve problems.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District Partnership

Menlo Park Academy is a proud partner of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. For more information about the partnership, please visit https://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/Page/6142.

Annual Report

Click below to read the 2022-2023 Menlo Park Academy Annual Report.

LEA ESSER Use of Funds Plan

Click below to read the 2021 LEA ESSER Use of Funds Plan.