Menlo Park Academy’s Social and Emotional Services Team meets with individual students and in small groups to help enhance social skills and address specific the social-emotional needs of children in the school. The team continuously assesses students’ needs and addresses issues of concern to the student population.

Whereas traditional counseling programs tend to focus on reacting to student needs and guiding students that need help, the MPA Social Emotional Services Team is focused on being proactive rather than reactive. The Social Emotional Services program provides regular sessions for all students to give them tools to be their best selves, in addition to assisting students and families that need specific support.

The team is comprised of five counselors who serve the students at Menlo Park Academy:

  • Nicole Becher, MAEd, LPSC, Director of Social Emotional Services
  • David Berenson, M.S., LSW, Social Worker
  • Ashley Staats, School Counselor
  • Dr. Christine Brewer, Ph.D., Consulting Psychologist
  • Dr. Sylvia Rimm, Ph.D, Consulting Psychologist

The Social Emotional Services Team also meets with all incoming and transfer students to develop a rapport, assist with their adjustment, and introduce them to Menlo Park Academy. The team collaborates with faculty members to address developmentally appropriate age/grade-level presentations on topics including empathy; conflict resolution; effective ways to deal with stress; and preparation for high school.

If you have any questions, please email Director of Social Emotional Services Nicole Becher.