mason buchanan
Mason Buchanan has spent his entire life traveling: bouncing from Canada to Cleveland, Las Vegas to Texas, back to Cleveland, and onto Toronto. Out of all these places he’s called home, one of his favorites is Menlo Park Academy. Mason came to Menlo in the 7th grade upon returning to Cleveland. He remarks that after...
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natasha didytch
Natasha Didytch has collected an assortment of titles over the years. From being a member of multiple academic honors societies at her college to an organizer with local Black Lives Matter protests, Natasha’s portfolio of involvement is diverse. But, when you ask her the quintessential experience that has made her who she is today, her...
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charlie coddington
Nicknamed “The Man Behind the Curtain,” there isn’t much that Charlie Coddington, Menlo’s Director of Operations, doesn’t do. Whether it’s human resources, IT, Covid-19 planning, or transportation, he has had his hand in a little bit of everything. Since coming to Menlo Park Academy this past July, he has done it all with the goal...
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olivia and sophia panciu on their first day of sixth grade at menlo
For Adriana Panciu, her biggest love and priority will always be her children. As a mother of two gifted twin daughters, everything she does aims to ensure they are seen and put in an environment that best suits their needs. This is why, when the family learned that their daughters are advanced in their academic...
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henry molnar
At age 6, entering his first-grade year, Henry Molnar already finds himself with many passions in life. Whether his love for baseball or excitement for amusement parks, Henry is a child who loves to have fun. Henry is also a child who has never experienced school without COVID-19. While the dual virtual and in-person learning...
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olivia wenzel pictures with members of menlo's faculty
If you were to ask Olivia Wenzel how she got to where she is today, an intern at Amazon Prime and an incoming Harvard sophomore, she would laugh and say, “it’s a long story.” While that might be true, as actual greatness never forms overnight, she would have no problem saying that her story began...
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ashley o'malley and invention convention graphics hero
In a school year where learning was anything but normal, Menlo Park Academy’s students had no choice but to take on the responsibility of doing some extracurricular projects under their own discipline. The 2021 Ohio Invention Convention was one of those projects. The Invention Convention is a worldwide program that the children at Menlo can...
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emily carroccio profile hero image
For many, a love of learning is born later in life as it grows when you see all the world has to offer. For Emily Carroccio, however, her love of learning began when she was just a child. As she sits now in a Loyola University Chicago classroom, she reflects back on how her passion...
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dylan zsigray profile hero image
When Dylan Zsigray walked into Menlo Park Academy as an incoming sixth-grader he felt something that he had yet to experience in a school setting; he felt seen. Dylan, now a student at Cleveland State University, where he will be graduating early, looks back on his time at Menlo Park Academy, not only with happy...
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frank o'grady speaking
Educator Frank O’Grady of Menlo Park Academy in Cleveland successfully coached seven young historians to compete at the national level in the National History Day contest, to take place virtually June 13-19. O’Grady, a resident of Olmsted Township, teaches middle school history at Menlo Park Academy, a public charter school for gifted children. National History...
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