Getting Here

Due to a nearby road closure, there has been some recent confusion regarding the easiest way to get to Menlo Park Academy. We have posted some directions below,  please follow the route that is applicable to you.

Directions from I-71 North:

  1. Take the Dennison Ave. exit, EXIT 244, on the left toward W 65th St.
  2. Turn left onto Dennison Ave.
  3. Turn right onto W 65th St.
  4. Turn right onto Lorain Ave.
  5. Turn right onto W 53rd St.
  6. Turn left onto Walworth Ave.
  7. Menlo Park Academy is on the right side

Directions from I-90 East:

  1. Take the 44th St. exit, EXIT 169, on the right toward W 41st St.
  2. Turn right onto W 44th St.
  3. Take the first right onto Fenwick Ave.
  4. Stay straight onto Junction Rd.
  5. Take the first right onto Walworth Ave.
  6. Menlo Park Academy is on the left side