Because having a gifted child is a lifestyle


Here are a few resources that our families have told us have been helpful.  If you know of any other sites or organizations that have helped you meet the needs of your gifted children, let us know.



The Ohio Department of Education’s The Young Gifted Child: A Resource for Families is an excellent guide for families with preschool-aged children.

Northeast Ohio Gifted Education Advocacy and Resources is a great listing of local opportunities for gifted children and their families.


The National Society for the Gifted & Talented provides a way for families to connect with others in the gifted community, find articles on gifted education, and more.

The National Association for Gifted Children also provides a broad swath of information for newcomers to gifted and talented education as well as experienced families and educators.


Ohio Means Jobs K-12 is a resource that can help students discover and plan career pathways that match their interest. Click here to check it out!