Developing the of Tomorrow

Developing Gifted Children's Tomorrows

To see gifted children’s tomorrows flourish, we need to invest in developing their potential TODAY. Menlo Park Academy is a public, non-profit, school that recognizes the academic, developmental, social, and emotional needs of gifted children. Gifted children are an at-risk group of learners. Menlo Park Academy exists to provide a gifted safe haven from bullying, stereotyping, and unchecked underachievement and to provide a dynamic environment to meet the unique needs of gifted children – and their families.

Being the only Ohio public school exclusively serving gifted children does not change our funding reality. As a public charter school, state-provided funding is 70% of the amount delivered to other area public schools – regardless of the awards MPA and our students receive or of the talent our faculty demonstrates in serving this community. Donations like the one you are considering making now helps to bridge our funding gap. Private support enables our students to enjoy the benefits of the maker space, high school credit classes, experiential learning opportunities, free gifted identification testing that reduces unnecessary barriers to potential students, and much more.

Menlo Park Academy offers a curriculum as unique as our 500 students who hail from over 50 different school districts in the Northeast Ohio area with innovative acceleration and differentiation options. Menlo Park Academy repeatedly is ranked by as the #1 charter school in Ohio, is a regular recipient of the “Auditor of the State Award,” and consistently receives high rankings by the Ohio Department of Education. 

Help secure their tomorrows by supporting Menlo Park Academy today.