mason buchanan
Mason Buchanan has spent his entire life traveling: bouncing from Canada to Cleveland, Las Vegas to Texas, back to Cleveland, and onto Toronto. Out of all these places he’s called home, one of his favorites is Menlo Park Academy. Mason came to Menlo in the 7th grade upon returning to Cleveland. He remarks that after...
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natasha didytch
Natasha Didytch has collected an assortment of titles over the years. From being a member of multiple academic honors societies at her college to an organizer with local Black Lives Matter protests, Natasha’s portfolio of involvement is diverse. But, when you ask her the quintessential experience that has made her who she is today, her...
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olivia wenzel pictures with members of menlo's faculty
If you were to ask Olivia Wenzel how she got to where she is today, an intern at Amazon Prime and an incoming Harvard sophomore, she would laugh and say, “it’s a long story.” While that might be true, as actual greatness never forms overnight, she would have no problem saying that her story began...
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