Clubs and Activities

Menlo Park Academy Student Clubs for 2020-21

Menlo Park Academy offers after-school clubs for students to participate in additional activities with their school peers and classmates. The school relies on faculty members, parents and local organizations to provide and oversee clubs of student interest, such as chess, scouts, recreational sports, science and art.

Clubs may vary each year based on interest and availability.

Book Club

Students will be reading and examining various novels, discussing events from the book and applying concepts to real-life situations.

Grades: 2-8

Meeting Dates and Times: Grades 2-4 on Tuesdays from 3:30-5 p.m.; Grades 5-8 on Thursdays from 3:30-5 p.m.

Chess Club

MPA’s Chess Club is run by Progress with Chess, a non-profit organization founded by Chess Master Michael Joelson that runs programs in over 50 local schools. Chess Club is MPA’s largest extracurricular activity and one of the oldest.

This club is for grades 1-8, but please note: kindergarten students will be able to sign up for Chess Club starting in January for the winter session. If your kindergartner has prior chess experience, is interested in Chess Club, and has the stamina for an entire day of school plus one (1) additional hour of chess, please contact the parent lead to discuss a possible exception for your child. Beginner through Advanced+ levels are offered.

Grades: 1-8

Garden Club

We’re going to set our sights on building a robust garden space, a mini arborvitae. We are not only looking for experienced gardeners, but parents and students who want to be involved and learn. We will not grow anything that we intend to eat, but rather pollinator gardens, trees and fruit that we can use for fun (i.e. gourds, pumpkins, etc.).

Grades: All

Hiking Nature Club

Join Mr. O’Hara once a month to explore unique trails and the biology that lives there. The times and locations will be chosen democratically, depending upon the time of year, weather and interest.

Grades: All

Mad Science: Sensational Senses

Mad Science: Imagine Arts Academy Online: Artist Passport

Philosophy 4 Kids

The word philosophy comes from the Greek words for ‘love of wisdom.’ The love of wisdom is the backbone of civilization. It has established our first universities, guided scientific advancement, banished superstition, and inspired humanity to improve itself. Most importantly, philosophy is alive and well today, asking questions, challenging authority, and inventing new ways of seeing the world. In this club, we will read about a different philosophical issue each week. We will express our views, listen to the views of others, and collaborate on a Philosopher’s Magazine to publish at the end of the year. The club will be led by two John Carroll University Students.

Power of the Pen

Power of the Pen is Ohio’s state-wide, interscholastic creative writing competition for 7th and 8th graders. This competition was established to provide a creative outlet, foster creative writing, and provide an opportunity for students to put their skills to the test by competing against other writers. It consists of two teams of six writers; one team for each grade.

Grades: 7-8

Open Mic Night

Are you looking for a place to show off your talent? Do you enjoy singing, playing an instrument, writing poetry? Then Open Mic Night is the club for you! If you are in Grades 5-8, join us every Monday to showcase your gifts and abilities. You won’t want to miss it!

Grades: 5-8


We serve scouts from K-5th grade, both boys and girls. The club meets together virtually on the the third Tuesday of each month, from 6-7 p.m. Individual dens meet according to their schedule.

Grades: K-5

Ski Club

Students can meet at Brandywine Ski Resort for five weeks (one 4-hour session per week) that includes a lift pass, rental equipment and a group lesson. Our goal is to promote camaraderie, physical fitness and a love of the outdoors through participation in weekly ski trips.

Ages: 8-18