Safe Return Plan


Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to the Menlo Park Academy (MPA) community for their patience and support during this continued challenging time. The 2022-23 Safe Return Plan details the procedures that will help to accomplish a safe and successful return for the 2022-2023 school year.  The decisions made for this plan took into consideration information from multiple sources, including; community transmission rates, vaccination eligibility, local and federal guidance, and current legislation.  We will continue to reassess such considerations on a regular basis and adjust our plan as needed.  While we cannot eliminate risk of transmission, our hope is that the following plan mitigates risk while allowing for an educational experience that encompasses the whole child.

This page provides a summary of important information and policies included in the 2022-23 Safe Return Plan. Menlo Park Academy families can access and read the full plan online by clicking below.

Illness and Communicable Diseases

Menlo thrives as a community for our gifted learners when we work together to create a healthy and safe learning environment. Accordingly, we must work together to monitor and respond to communicable diseases and illnesses.

Your student should stay home when diagnosed with any communicable disease, such as COVID-19, flu, strep throat, or pinkeye. Please review our Illness and Communicable Disease Procedures document for complete information on these guidelines for our community.

Extended Learning Plan

The following plan has been created in response to Governor DeWine’s request that schools and districts design plans that address learning recovery and extended learning opportunities to meet the needs of students. At Menlo Park Academy, we will work together to be sure students receive the help and support they need. The key components of the plan are the following;

Identification of Impacted Students: MPA will use testing and survey data to determine which students require additional attention by defining specific thresholds for action from the data.

Approaches to Support Impacted Students: MPA will identify the resources and programs available to support students impacted over the last year in both academic and social-emotional needs.

Budget, Major Players, and Timeline: MPA will identify the available resources to address the needs of impacted students and the timeline associated with using those resources.

Health & Safety Knowledge Base

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Menlo Park Academy uses Let’s Talk to streamline the release and access of important Health & Safety information for our community. Current families can access our Knowledge Hub with important, up-to-date information about COVID-19 by clicking the button below.