For Prospective Families



Qualifying for enrollment to Menlo Park Academy begins with submitting your child’s results for gifted identification on a state-approved assessment. There are three options that parents can pursue to qualify a child as gifted:

Gifted Identification at Current School District

If your child has been identified gifted, please submit a letter from the school’s gifted coordinator stating the identification. Alternatively, you may also submit your child’s test report for a state approved assessment (such as NWEA/MAP, IOWA, CogAT, WISC-IV).

Gifted Testing at Menlo Park Academy

Menlo Park Academy provides free testing for prospective students ages 4 years 11 months and older. For more information and our testing dates, please see our calendar for upcoming testing days.

Private Gifted Testing

You may have the child tested by an independent facility or psychologist. Referrals are available upon request.



Once your child is qualified, you can complete an application for enrollment and submit the necessary paperwork to the Admissions Office. There are two types of documents and a deposit to submit with your application:

Birth Certificate

A copy of your child’s notarized birth certificate.

Proof of Residency

A current utility bill, mail from a government entity, bank statement from the past 30 days, mortgage or current rental agreement.


Provide a $100 deposit to secure your child’s seat, which is applied to the Materials and Activity Fees for the school year. If seats are unavailable, the Admissions Office will place your child on a waiting list until an opening is available. No deposit will be due during a waitlist period.