Being Gifted Is Not Better. It Is Different.

We know because at Menlo Park Academy, developing the potential of gifted children is what we do.

Being Gifted Is Not Better. It Is Different.

We know because at Menlo Park Academy, developing the potential of gifted children is what we do.

Gifted Children Need Like-Minded Peers and Challenges

Menlo Park Academy is a school for gifted children who ask a lot of questions, love to learn, and are passionate about their interests. When not challenged, gifted children can act out or tune out. At Menlo, students are challenged by ability, not age. Our teachers build children’s confidence. Our students empower themselves to ask even better questions, make connections, and find meaning.

We know that gifted children are an at-risk group of learners. They need a dynamic environment customized to their unique learning and social needs. We also know that “pull-out” is an antithesis to belonging. Gifted children need a community of like-minded peers, academic programs designed to inspire depth of study and eliminate ceilings, and an opportunity to value all parts of who they are, including their intellectual gifts.

Being gifted is not better, but it is different.

Menlo Is Ohio’s Only Public School Exclusively Serving Gifted Children, K-8

Menlo Park Academy is a tuition-free public school that develops the potential of gifted children through an exemplary program, rewarding experiences, and nurturing the whole child. We understand the unique qualities and struggles of gifted children. Our school is designed to meet the asynchronous development of children’s emotional, physical, and academic abilities while fostering a sense of belonging missing in traditional classrooms where they may be “the smart kid” or the “underachiever” or the “questioner.”

Learn more about the Menlo difference:

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Exemplary Programs

Menlo is consistently ranked as one of Ohio’s top schools by the Ohio Department of Education and Niche.com, in large part because of our Core and Encore curriculum.

Public School

Menlo is a tuition-free public school. Breakfast and lunch programs are available daily. Some districts around Northeast Ohio provide busing to Menlo, and students may opt to participate in their home district’s athletic programs. We provide support for IEPs/504s. Additionally, area public high schools accept high school credits earned at Menlo.

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Whole Child

Menlo provides social-emotional learning and support programs, understands the common attributes of asynchronous development (intellectual growth exceeding their age/emotional maturity), and engages children in fostering meaningful friendships as they find acceptance.

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Our Programs Offer More Density, Complexity, and Move Faster

At Menlo Park Academy, we provide gifted classrooms at all grade levels from kindergarten through eighth grade. Our programs offer more density, complexity, and moves quicker than available in typical school environments. We offer a core curriculum in the subject areas of math, language arts, science, and social studies. Our encore offerings include maker space and design, art, music, world languages, and physical education, as well as health at all grade levels. We provide student-selected electives that vary by grade level.

Our program is enhanced through experience to develop character, social and emotional supports, and student success skills such as executive functioning. The arts are woven throughout the curriculum and enriched with field trips, assemblies, competitions, and after-school clubs. Our 1:1 technology program supports all of our programs.

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Information Night

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Information Night

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Current Families

Menlo Park Academy was born out of parents’ persistent belief that all children deserve one year (or more) of academic growth based on their abilities, not their age. We can be confused with independent schools with three times the staffing or traditional school districts with up to double the budget. Menlo Park Academy’s control variable remains our community of families. We succeed because our current families show up with support, appreciation, offers of opportunities, and, when needed, suggested solutions.

Together, we are partners in children’s elementary and middle school experiences. This is more than your child’s year in their grade—it is a year in their childhood. It is a building block of confidence, character, academic growth, and self-awareness. We are honored to be your partner and engaged in developing their potential. When static resources are not enough, please contact your child’s lead teacher or our front office for support.

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Support Our Gifted Learners

Menlo Park Academy is in the same category as other nonprofits you support. We, too, are a 501(c)(3) organization, and like any nonprofit, we rely on charitable gifts to meet our operational expenses.

Public funding alone isn’t enough to allow us to offer the kind of gifted education programming we do. As a nonprofit public charter school, Menlo Park Academy receives thirty-three percent less funding than a traditional public school. Community support is critical for closing our funding gap and providing our students with the resources and support they need to thrive. Without closing our funding gap, we cannot offer free qualification testing to ensure equity and inclusion, support our educators in completing their gifted licensure programs, or provide the unique experiences which make Menlo Park Academy Ohio’s best choice for gifted children.

By making an annual charitable gift, volunteering at fundraising events, and linking your retail shopping accounts to Menlo Park Academy, you help us meet our mission to offer each of our students the chance to reach their potential.

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