It's not too late to move your gifted child to a school that understands his or her needs.


Most schools don't have the resources or expertise to meet the unique needs of gifted children. Unfortunately, many parents don't realize this well into the school year. That's why Menlo Park Academy makes it easy to change schools.


A school as unique as your child


Menlo Park Academy is Ohio's only tuition-free K-8 school designed solely to serve the unique needs of gifted children.




At Menlo, we understand your child isn’t just gifted for one hour a day. Our entire curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of gifted children.



Menlo is Ohio’s top elementary school, both for our amazing results and our deep commitment to providing a robust set of enrichment



At Menlo, you will find a community that supports gifted children and their families, providing resources and connections.


At Menlo, your child will have caring teachers dedicated to understanding his or her individual needs to ensure lessons are challenging and engaging.


Our newly renovated building ignites the imagination of gifted children.


We created a unique learning space while breathing new life into the historic Joseph & Feiss building. Our educators worked closely with our architects to design a beautiful space for gifted children to engage, create and explore the world around them.

Check out these great photos of our new building.


See for yourself the amazing difference a school dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of gifted students can make for your child.

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