If you have a child who is a sibling of a current Menlo Park Academy student that you would the school to consider for enrollment, complete a New Sibling Application, which you can request from the Admissions Office.

Completing this application will place your child in a priority enrollment position and temporarily reserve a spot for your child if one is available. If the sibling has already been identified as gifted, please submit those testing results with the application.

Upcoming Free Testing Day: Children must be 4 years 11 months to utilize Menlo’s free testing. Please see our calendar for upcoming dates.

Families can sign up their sibling for a Testing Day by emailing our Admissions Office. Students must be 4 years, 11 months of age in order to be tested by Menlo Park Academy. If your family prefers to have your child tested by a private psychologist, please contact the Admissions Office for a physician referral.

Once your student has qualified, a $100 deposit is required to secure your sibling’s seat. This $100 deposit will be applied to the Materials and Activity Fees for the school year. If seats are unavailable, the Admissions Office will place your child on a waiting list until an opening is available. No deposit will be due during a waitlist period.