Fall 2020 Menlo Park Academy Return to School Plan

Menlo Park Academy’s Return to School (RTS) Plan provides a guide to families detailing how school administrators are responding to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and outlines how the school will operate to begin the 2020-21 school year. The RTS plan was approved by the Board of Directors and provides each student with a robust educational experience while carefully considering student and faculty safety.

Five priorities guided the development of the RTS Plan:

  1. Ensuring the physical safety for all students and staff.

  2. Demonstrating concern for the social and emotional health of all students and staff.

  3. Maintaining the integrity of our program — whether learning is in-person or virtual — including addressing the needs of families who are experiencing financial difficulties or who experience other inequities.

  4. Maintaining the delivery of all specialized services to meet individual student needs including those defined in IEP or 504 plans, as well as English Language Learner services.

  5. Demonstrating flexibility in our schedules, spaces, procedures and norms.

The RTS Plan outlines the learning modality for Trimester 1: A virtual learning modality, and the addition of the Menlo Learning Lab as an option for families who need in-person and on-site supports.

About the Virtual Learning Program

The Virtual Learning Program (VLP) for Menlo Park Academy students incorporates virtual learning during regular school hours, with a combination of synchronous (real-time) livestream sessions for instruction, and some flexibility for asynchronous (pre-recorded instruction or assigned tasks) sessions.

About the Menlo Learning Lab

The Menlo Learning Lab (MLL) is a program that enables Menlo students to participate in our Virtual Learning Program (VLP) from the school building. Learning coaches will guide students during the day and assist them during their participation in the VLP. They will also facilitate scheduled breaks, lunch, and recess.

The MLL is available to families who selected the in-person learning modality. Children who benefit from the support of special services, have families whose work doesn’t allow them to provide in-home support, have a lack of alternative childcare options, and those who need in-person social opportunities will benefit most from this option.

The Edison Club (Menlo’s before-school and after-school care program) will be available for MLL participants, from 7:00-7:45 a.m. and again after the MLL ends from 3:30-6 p.m. each day, and will continue to adhere to social distancing procedures.

Confirmed student cases (Virtual)
Confirmed Student Cases (In-Building)
Confirmed Staff Cases (Virtual)
Confirmed Staff Cases (In-Building)

The RTS plan is subject to change based on future health and safety conditions, and recommendations by public health officials.