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"Why I Menlo"

Contest Winners' Warm Hearts In Time For Winter

Over the last several months, the Menlo Park Academy parent community has been highlighting and sharing stories, ideas, and experiences that exemplify, “Why We Menlo.” Not to be left out, our students recently put pen, paper, colored pencils, and heart into creating original essays, poems, and drawings that share why they are happy to “Menlo.”

From sweet stories about making friends on the first day of school to exuberant sharing about favorite teachers and unique educational experiences, MPA students were nothing short of effusive regarding their passion for the school, teachers, and fellow classmates. Some favorite sentiments included:

Everything we do at Menlo is so awesome from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. All of the teachers here are so inspiring and helpful, they always help you no matter what the problem is.”
Coco T.; Lower School

Menlo Park Academy is my home. It makes me feel excited to come to school and about education. I used to be afraid to be my weird, crazy, colorful self but because of Menlo I am not afraid to be myself.”
Livvy P.; Middle School

This school has something different every year. It is unique and one of a kind just like we are.  We are gifted and proud to be.”
Kiernan K.; Middle School

The school is proud of all the students who participated and congratulates the following winners.

1st and 2nd
Best in Grade: Adam N.

3rd and 4th
Best in Grade: Ishita K.
Creativity: Siddhi A.
Passion for MPA: Alex R.
Best Poem: Aidan E.

5th and 6th
Best in Grade: Livvy P.
Creativity: Hannah R.
Passion for MPA: Kiernan K. and Alyssa T. (Tie)
Best Poem: Alex M.

All of the contest winners will receive a dress-down pass and enjoy a pizza party with school director Denise Hieronymus. “Being able to spend time with our wonderful students and learning more about them, that is why I Menlo,” shared Mrs. Hieronymus.

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