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MPA Receives "A" on State Report Card

Menlo Park Academy is the Only Cleveland School to Receive an “A” on State Report Card

Ohio’s 2015-16 School Report Cards were recently revealed to the public. Menlo Park Academy (MPA) is the only public school in Cleveland to have earned an “A” in the area of Performance Index and one of three community schools in the state for this recognition.

According to the State School Report Card, not only is MPA the highest ranked K-8 school in Cuyahoga county, but is also the second highest ranked school district in the state. They have also earned an “A” in the area of Indicators Met.

The State School Report Card is designed to give a clear picture of the performance and progress of achievement of a school district.

In a national climate rife with anxiety around state testing and reporting, MPA has remained consistent in academic quality and execution of its school mission of supporting gifted learners. "We are pleased to remain one of the highest performing schools in Ohio, and number one in Cleveland. Our educators were unencumbered by the demand of time and materials to prepare for last year's state testing, as our focus is always on our exemplary program, regardless of which test instrument the state determines to utilize in any given year. We are proud that our results demonstrate Menlo Park Academy's ongoing commitment to learning over test preparation and to uncommon experiences over common core alone." Teri Harrison, Menlo Park Academy Board of Directors.

As a community, Menlo Park Academy continues to share in that pride and support the important mission to serve the needs of at-risk children with a program that is tailored to the needs of learners. “Our students’ success is possible because our dedicated staff’s unique and creative approach to learning. The rigorous and differentiated instruction is designed to enhance our students individual strengths and unwavering desire to learn.” Beverley Veccia, Menlo Park Academy Director.


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