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Community News Release on Unionization

Dear MPA Community,

At Menlo Park Academy, our mission is to “develop the potential of gifted children through an exemplary program, rewarding experiences, and nurturing the whole child.”

Menlo Park Academy does not wish to engage in a “war” over unionization. The MPA community deserves better, and this division must stop. The school asks our employees and our community to afford us the legal right to go through the petition process and continue to explain directly to our employees our stance on unionization, without being treated as adversaries. This isn’t a national fight that requires that the board be flooded with hundreds of form petitions from out of state or parents receiving flyers in carline. This is a discussion between an employer and employees about the best direction forward, and we hope to successfully find the best resolution for all parties involved.

Menlo is better than this.

Due to the recent events, we feel it necessary to share some information with the MPA community, in order to clarify the situation, add some additional context to what is occurring, and clarify our position. It also serves as an educational opportunity around collective bargaining, and what it does, and does not, actually solve for.

We call for an honest dialogue with the teachers at MPA. No one wins when we are divided.

Let’s work together!

Menlo Park Academy Board of Directors & Menlo Park Academy School Leadership

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