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As schools return to in-person learning, Menlo Park Academy aide Carla Biggert speaks with Cleveland Jewish News about student safety

With schools seeking to bring more students back into their buildings, Menlo Park Academy instructional aide Carla Biggert spoke with Cleveland Jewish News for a recent article (February 2021).

Cleveland Jewish News detailed how parents can work with young children to keep them comfortable with wearing masks and following other social distancing policies in schools, and spoke with Menlo Park Academy on some of the best practices the school has used during the year.

“When we first came back, we had a couple of children whose masks did not fit right, and it was uncomfortable,” Biggert said. “So I would suggest that the parents find a mask and a brand and stick with it. Don’t just buy one because it has a Halloween design on it. Kids are creatures of habit and they like wearing the same style.”

Carla Biggert
Carla Biggert

Biggert, an aide for grades 2-4, serves on the school’s COVID-19 Task Force, which made recommendations for both in-person and virtual learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.